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News Archive

Ward's Top 50 (07/20/2021)
Grinnell Mutual has been recognized by Ward Group as one of its 2019 Top 50 Property and Casualty Performers for the sixth year in a row.

Hard and Soft Market (07/19/2021)
All industries go through natural cycles of supply and demand. The property and casualty insurance industry cycles between “soft markets” and “hard markets.” The state of the market affects premium prices and how risk is underwritten.

113th Annual Meeting (06/30/2021)
Grinnell Mutual’s 113th annual business meeting convened on June 23, 2021. Randy Druvenga, Kendall Lunsford, Mark Schmidt, and Jim Wellman were re-elected for three-year terms ending in June 2024.

Fairground Facelift submission period (06/29/2021)
Grinnell Mutual is accepting submissions for its Fairground Facelift fairground grant program, a project that helps local fairgrounds improve their facilities.

2021 Road to Success Scholarship recipients (05/13/2021)
Grinnell Mutual announces the recipients of Road to Success scholarships. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors with Grinnell Mutual auto coverage who have excellent academic records and have been accident- and violation-free for their high school years.

Workplace Health Achievement Index (04/20/2021)
Scientific, evidenced-based instrument rates and recognizes workplace health programs and workforce heart health

Derecho 2020 (04/09/2021)
A derecho ripped through the Midwest August 10, 2020, leaving $7.5 billion in its wake.

2021 Gallup Winner (04/07/2021)
Grinnell Mutual has received the 2021 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (GEWA). The award recognizes the most engaged workplace cultures globally.

AM Best rating (04/07/2021)
AM Best issued Grinnell Mutual a Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of A (excellent) with a stable outlook.

Reinsurance Adjusting Program (03/12/2021)
Grinnell Mutual offers its members the Reinsurance Adjusting Program, a cost-effective, professional claims-handling solution.

Norris Insurance (03/11/2021)
Norris Insurance is an independent insurance agency headquartered in Amboy, Ind. Running is at the core of their business philosophy.

Presidents Club (03/11/2021)
Grinnell Mutual recognized a group of 50 independent agents and 11 mutual insurance companies for outstanding achievement in the insurance profession and superior performance.

Autonomous vehicles (01/05/2021)
Futuristic driving is being pioneered today, but how close is it, and how will driverless cars effect insurance companies?

Mark Schmidt (12/31/2020)
Mark Schmidt, president/treasurer of American Mutual Insurance Association was elected to Grinnell Mutual's board of directors.

Vault best internship (11/04/2020)
Grinnell Mutual has been named one of Vault’s 2021 Best 100 Internship Programs in the United States, ranking 11th overall.

United Way (10/26/2020)
Grinnell Mutual employees and matching funds from the Grinnell Mutual Group Foundation raised a record amount — nearly $142,000 — in pledges and contributions to local United Way, United Fund, and Community Chest organizations where Grinnell Mutual employees live.

Top causes of fire loss (10/01/2020)
Electrical fires were the leading cause of fire loss in 2019. Read how electrical fires start, how you can prevent an electrical fire, and what to do if you have an electrical fire.

Fairground Facelift winners (09/23/2020)
Six local fairgrounds will receive a total of $7,500 in grants through Grinnell Mutual’s Fairground Facelift contest.

Co-op Program (09/23/2020)
Grinnell Mutual started their co-op program in 2012 to help young individuals take their classroom learning to their professional careers.

Pandemic Impact on Insurance Industry (09/15/2020)
The world has changed forever since the pandemic hit. How will it continue to change the insurance industry?

Top Workplace 2020 (09/14/2020)
Grinnell Mutual named Top Workplace large employer in Iowa for a 10th consecutive year in the 2020 Des Moines Register/Workplace Dynamics Top Workplaces survey.

Fairground Facelift finalists (09/01/2020)
Grinnell Mutual will give a total $7,500 in Fairground Facelift grants to six county fairground improvement projects. In all, 11 projects in eight states have been named finalists.

Michelle Hutchinson Vice President (07/14/2020)
Michelle Hutchinson has been named vice president and chief audit executive of the Assurance, Advisory, and Accounting at Grinnell Mutual.

Road to Success scholarship 2020 (07/05/2020)
Grinnell Mutual's Road to Success Scholarship program offers $1,000 scholarships to college-bound high school seniors with good driving records.

112th Annual Meeting (06/29/2020)
Grinnell Mutual members elected Mary Jo Robison to its board of directors. Members re-elected Larry Cook, Mark Knouse, Bill Lampe, and Steve Underwood.

Minnesota moratorium emergency order (06/23/2020)
Minnesota issued Administrative Bulletin 2020-3 on June 22, 2020, titled Insurance Business Practices Following the Issuance of Executive Order 20-64, requesting insurance companies implement the following protective measures in response to the Peacetime Emergency occurring as the result of the killing of George Floyd.

Grinnell Mutual coronavirus response plan (06/02/2020)
Grinnell Mutual has deployed its coronavirus response plan that will help maintain business continuity and decrease the risk of exposure. Check this page for updates.

State bulletins regarding coronavirus (05/13/2020)
A listing of bulletins regarding coronavirus from state departments of insurance.

Trust in Tomorrow Premium Payback (05/05/2020)
Personal auto policyholders will be receiving a check for $30 per personal auto policy that covers a qualifying vehicle. As a percentage of direct written premium, this $5 million investment is comparable to what other carriers have announced.

COVID-19 community donations (04/15/2020)
Grinnell Mutual and Grinnell College team up to provide funding for both immediate and post-COVID-19 pandemic needs in the area.

Moratorium Request On Non-Pay Cancellations: Oklahoma (03/20/2020)
The Oklahoma Department of Insurance has released Bulletin 2020-01 on March 15, 2020, requesting that insurers provide a 45 day grace period for the non-payment of premium.

Illinois Moratorium - Vandalism (03/20/2020)
The Illinois Department of Insurance has released Bulletin 2020-15 on June 8, 2020, titled Coverage Related to Business and Property Damage Losses, Including but not Limited to Those Arising Out of Vandalism and Looting, requesting insurance companies allow coverage to remain in effect for an Illinois insured residing in a county where a disaster has been declared due to vandalism and looting

Trending now Spring 2020 (03/20/2020)
Rural America, automation, agriculture, and commoditization are affecting the insurance landscape.

Belonging and Inclusion (12/04/2019)
Embracing diversity is not enough for companies. Instead, fostering a genuine sense of belonging for employees no matter their background will be the key to thriving workplace environments

Doing well by doing good (12/04/2019)
Consumers increasingly expect companies to focus on the people they serve. But for mutual companies, this has always been our way.

WELLCOM ICE award (10/24/2019)
Grinnell Mutual received wellness awards from WELLCOM and the American Heart Association for their employee wellness program.

Michelle Hutchinson Chief Audit Executive (10/24/2019)
Chief Audit Executive Michelle Hutchinson will oversee Grinnell Mutual's the internal audit team and the annual statement preparation and tax advisory services for Grinnell Mutual members.

Druvenga NAMIC chairman (10/24/2019)
The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies named Randy Druvenga as the group’s 2019-2020 chairman at its 124th Annual Convention.

Care and Share (09/19/2019)
The Grinnell Mutual Care and Share fund provides short-term, immediate financial relief to employees who have suffered significant hardship due to a serious life disruption such as a natural disaster, family death, medical emergency, or other unforeseen event.

A climate of change (09/19/2019)
As the effects of climate change become more immediate and significant, insurers are recalculating the way they do business and assess risk

Farm safety academy for area FFA students (09/05/2019)
Grinnell Mutual holds farm safety academy for area FFA students

Grinnell Mutual internship program recognized (07/31/2019)
Grinnell Mutual has been named one of Vault’s 2019 Best 50 Internship Programs. Vault, a career research company based in New York, surveyed over 400 companies nationwide. More than 13,000 interns ranked their experience on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best). Grinnell Mutual placed 44th with a score of 9.024.

Super regional designation (07/26/2019)
Grinnell Mutual has been ranked 59th in Insurance Journal’s annual Super Regional Property/Casualty Insurers™ list

Grinnell Mutual hosts 111th Annual Meeting, elections (07/10/2019)
Grinnell Mutual members elected Dan DeArment and Amy Goughnour to its board of directors. Members re-elected Paul Stueven and Susan Taggart.

Marshalltown tornado (06/26/2019)
July 2018 tornadoes damaged a car in Marshalltown. When Grinnell Mutual policyholders Greg and Mindy Van Dyke submitted their auto claim, they got excellent claims customer service

Grinnell Mutual a Forbes Best Employer (06/05/2019)
Grinnell Mutual has been ranked the fifth best Iowa employer in Forbes’ inaugural “America’s Best Employers by State 2019” list. The list was released June 5 on

New vice presidents (05/17/2019)
Grinnell Mutual announces addition of Vice President of Strategic Experience and Vice President of Product Transformation and Delivery.

Brian sullivan insurance trends (05/14/2019)
The future is in collaboration. An insurer’s competitive edge is in the use of third-party data, tools, and services. Sullivan recommends talking to vendors and suppliers to find out what you can do to be a better user of your service. And consider talking to your policyholders and agents to find out how you can better serve them.

Launching personal lines in Pennsylvania (04/03/2019)
Grinnell Mutual’s new Guidewire platform in Pennsylvania supports quoting, rating, underwriting, policy generation, claims processing, and billing, offering end-to-end policy management and issuance

Grinnell Mutual launches SUCCESSion planning tool for agents (03/25/2019)
Grinnell Mutual partners with FindBob to create web-based platform for business succession planning

Blockchain 101 (03/15/2019)
What is a blockchain and how will it impact insurance?

Co-op and internship program (12/10/2018)
The Grinnell Mutual co-op and internship program keeps the insurance career talent pipeline full. Grinnell Mutual invests in the next generation of insurance talent.

Succession planning (12/10/2018)
Grinnell Mutual invested in FindBob, which provides agency succession planning resources to agency owners.

Fairground Facelift 2018 grant winners (10/04/2018)
Five county fairgrounds will receive a total of $7,000 in grants through Grinnell Mutual’s Fairground Facelift contest.

Grinnell Mutual invests in ag startup (09/18/2018)
Iowa-based Grinnell Mutual, the largest primary reinsurer of farm mutual companies in North America, is the lead investor in FarrPro, which focuses on innovative, energy-efficient solutions to improve the health, welfare, and quality of life of farm animals.

Grinnell Mutual UAS program takes off (09/13/2018)
A drone is an unmanned aerial system, or UAS. Grinnell Mutual uses drones UAS to adjust insurance claims. Drones are more accurate, save time and money, and are safer.

Dimond Bros. earns first Grinnell Mutual Hall of Fame award (09/13/2018)
Grinnell Mutual has recently added a special recognition for its agency partners: the Grinnell Mutual Hall of Fame. The first one was awarded this year, to Dimond Bros., which is based in Illinois and has 37 branches around the state.

Grinnell Mutual hosts 110th Annual Meeting, elections (08/31/2018)
Grinnell Mutual's 110th Annual Meeting for it's affiliated members convened in Grinnell, Iowa, on June 27

Going green for the environment (07/13/2018)
Grinnell Mutual installs solar panels, replaces lights, and ditches foam cups to be a better steward of the environment.

2018 insurtech landscape (05/14/2018)
A boom of insurtech has opened the door to new solutions, new products, and entirely new ways of serving the customer. Grinnell Mutual has chosen to walk through that door — to engage with the future and ensure we’re part of it.

Investing in Insurtech (12/19/2017)
Grinnell Mutual has been instrumental in the Global Insurance Accelerator, which helps startups navigate the insurance industry.

Grinnell Mutual opens West Des Moines office (04/25/2017)
Grinnell Mutual has expanded its physical facilities to include an office in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Grinnell Mutual joins the Global Insurance Accelerator (07/02/2014)
Grinnell Mutual is pleased to announce its participation in the Global Insurance Accelerator initiative for insurance-based startup companies. Grinnell Mutual joins Principal Financial Group, Delta Dental of Iowa, American Equity Investment Life, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance, and The IMT Group in supporting the new initiative through the Greater Des Moines Partnership.