Executive officers

Grinnell Mutual's executive officers are committed to the success and stability of the company; to building relationships inside and outside the business; and to earning and keeping the trust that has been built with our members, our policyholders, and our employees.

Jeff Menary

President and CEO

Dave Wingert

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Pete Lahn

Sr. Vice President of Legal, Secretary and General Counsel

Roby Shay

Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and Chief Information Officer

Jeff Vogts

Vice President of Talent Development

Chris Hansen

Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Eaves

Vice President of Underwriting, Sales, and Service

Kevin Farrell

Vice President of Reinsurance

Ken Klug

Vice President of Direct Claims

Verne Caldwell

Vice President of Crop Insurance

Jonathan Manatt

Vice President of Internal Audit and Strategic Initiatives