Umbrella insurance


We protect your people.
No one sees it coming — a high dollar lawsuit fast on the heels of a car accident or damaged property. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone, no matter how carefully you navigate your life. And if you have a family, you know that protecting your family is number one, which is why Grinnell Mutual offers a Personal Umbrella policy that keeps you and your family shielded from burdensome legal claims. With the extra liability coverage, your family’s financial future can be protected and you can rest easy. 

Optional Coverages

  • Uninsured motorists*
  • Underinsured motorists*
  • Uninsured watercraft*
  • Additional insured
  • Business activities coverage

*not available in Missouri or Oklahoma

Other Policies Available

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We guard you from the unexpected.
When you’re up before the dawn and don’t stop working until after dark, the last thing you want to think about is getting slapped with a lawsuit. Unfortunately, life has a knack for presenting catastrophes you didn’t see coming. Grinnell Mutual saves you from the burden of frightening, costly liability claims with our Farm Umbrella policy — a simple, low-cost way to help protect yourself and your family from life-altering events. We build on the protection you already have — farm, auto, or recreational vehicle coverage — and we give you an extra limit over and above other policies.

  • Uninsured Motorists*
  • Underinsured Motorists*
  • Uninsured Watercraft*
  • Underinsured Watercraft*
  • Additional Insured
  • Business Activities

*Not available in Missouri or Oklahoma

Other Policies Available

  • Auto
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • FarMate® Policy
  • Farm-Guard® Liability
  • Rented Dwelling
  • Small business insurance packages

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We believe that protection should be proactive.
It doesn’t matter how smart, organized, and efficient your business is — sometimes, life throws you a curveball. While standard liability coverage will protect you in many situations, sometimes it may not be enough. Costly and intimidating lawsuits can burden even the best in business. Fortunately, Grinnell Mutual’s Commercial Umbrella policy can be the protective armor you need in the face of intimidating liability claims. We go above and beyond the status quo to ensure that your business and personal assets stay the course instead of falling through the cracks.

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