Farm Coverages

Farm Coverages

Farm-Mate® farm insurance policy

We know it goes beyond the barn. 

Although a weather-beaten barn is usually symbolic of a hard-working farm, today’s agricultural operations include a wide variety of outbuildings, livestock, and machinery. That’s why your member mutual-issued Farm-Mate policy focuses on diverse choices and flexibility and offers a wide variety of coverages that protect not only your farm’s structures and personal property, but also your home and household contents. The good news is, Farm-Mate can be attached to your Grinnell Mutual Farm-Guard® policy. It's just another way we go beyond the basics to include causes of loss, livestock perils, and a variety of additional and optional coverages that will help you to focus on the future, not the misfortune. Talk to your agent for more information.

Farm-Mate farm insurance coverages

  • Dwelling
  • Household and personal property
  • Additional living expenses/loss of rent
  • Farm buildings
  • Scheduled and unscheduled farm personal property

Covered causes of loss

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Explosion
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Accidental overturn or collision of farm implements

Livestock — Additional Perils

  • Death by electrocution
  • Dog or wild animal attack
  • Accidental drowning

Included farm insurance coverages

  • Debris removal
  • Emergency removal of property
  • Necessary repairs after a loss
  • Construction of new buildings
  • Fire department charges
  • Outside satellite dish systems and radio/television equipment
  • Building collapse
  • Unharvested farm produce or grain

Optional farm insurance coverages

  • Comprehensive machinery coverage
  • Dwelling repair or replacement cost
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Farm extra expense
  • Farm/household operations records
  • Fire department charges
  • Glass breakage — farm machinery
  • Household personal property replacement cost
  • Inflation guard
  • Leased or rented farm buildings
  • Loss of farm earnings
  • Open perils coverage for dwelling and contents
  • Peak season
  • Pollution cleanup and removal
  • Commander dwelling
  • Custom dwelling
  • Water backup (sewer or drain)

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Farm-Guard® farm insurance policy

We are your partner in protection. 

Farmers know a thing or two about uncertainty. Serious injury or product contamination can send an otherwise smoothly running farm operation reeling. That’s why Grinnell Mutual offers Farm-Guard®, a farm liability policy that protects the members of your household in case of an accident, injuries, or claims of negligence. Even better? Farm-Guard® can be attached to your Farm-Mate policy issued by your member mutual or on its own. From premium discounts to optional coverages, Farm-Guard® will ensure that even if your today is hazy, tomorrow will be brighter.

Farm-Guard® farm insurance liability coverage*

  • Medical payments to public — Pays for accidental injury to the public on your premises, by your livestock or because of your farming operations or personal acts
  • Employers’ liability — If state law doesn’t require Workers’ Compensation, this coverage protects against liability for injuries suffered by your farm employees
  • Medical payments to farm employees — Covers medical expenses for accidental injury suffered by your farm employees while on the job, even if you’re not at fault

Automatic farm insurance coverages

  • Coverage for losses arising out of custom farming or feeding when receipts total less than $5,000**
  • Protection from losses arising from business pursuits, except agricultural spraying, when receipts total less than $2,000**
  • Contractual liability relating to the farming operations, goods or products, or resident premises
  • Personal injury protection against bodily harm, shock, or mental anguish
  • Limited coverage for bodily injury caused by communicable disease via animals

** Higher limits are available

Optional farm insurance coverages include

  • Business activities
  • Residential rental property
  • Home day-care provider
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Custom farming
  • Custom feeding
  • Broad contractual liability
  • Agricultural custom spraying

Identity theft protection

Grinnell Mutual understands that your most valuable commodity is your good name. That’s why we provide free access to fraud specialists at CyberScout™, a leader in identity management and fraud education.

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*Farm liability coverages are not available in the state of Pennsylvania.

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We stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re a seed dealer or own a working ranch, we believe there’s no such thing as a “small” business — it’s a big deal to you and it’s a big deal to us. Grinnell Mutual understands that your livelihood needs tailored, focused coverage you can’t get from a basic agricultural package. And because we know that the rural marketplace is constantly evolving, we offer products that align with the latest in agriculture technology. It's another way we’re is investing in tomorrow’s farmer.

Commercial agribusiness insurance coverage

  • Commercial buildings
  • Business personal property
  • Inland Marine
  • Dwelling
  • Personal structures
  • Farm buildings
  • Household personal property
  • Machinery
  • Equipment and implements
  • Scheduled or unscheduled farm personal property (machinery, equipment, and implements)

Optional agribusiness property plus endorsement

  • Newly purchased farm machinery, vehicles, and equipment
  • Additional 30 days borrowed or rented farm machinery
  • Rental reimbursement on farm machinery
  • Disruption of farming operations
  • Tank leakage
  • Cost of record restoration
  • Farm computer and office equipment
  • Disruption of farming operations
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Computer fraud
  • Water backup

Optional agribusiness liability insurance coverages

  • Custom Farming Liability
  • Custom Feeding Liability
  • Confined Livestock Care, Custody, and Control Liability

Commercial Agribusiness coverage is available in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. All risks must be referred to Grinnell Mutual by the sponsoring agent’s mutual to verify the mutual’s role in the agribusiness account.

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Not all coverages and discounts are available in all states.