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Grinnell Compass Auto Coverages

We go where you go.

Whether you’re navigating an unexpected snowstorm during rush hour or you’re ferrying the kids to soccer practice — and whether it’s in a car, a pickup, or an RV — Grinnell Mutual understands you’re carrying precious cargo. We’re here to help protect you and the ones you love with comprehensive, collision, and/or liability coverage.

We also protect your pocketbook.

Grinnell Mutual believes that if you’re a safe driver you should be rewarded with great discounts* that offer affordable insurance with superior coverage.

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Auto Plus – beyond the basics*

Driving isn’t all about the morning commute or picking up groceries. Sometimes adventure and the open road calls. Grinnell Mutual’s Auto Plus endorsement offers extra coverage to protect your journey.

  • Pet injury: The journey’s even more fun when Fido rides along. If the worst happens and he’s injured or killed during an accident, we’ll pay up to $500 for veterinary fees or the adoption of a new pet.
  • Air bag reinstallation: If your airbag deploys without your vehicle being involved in an accident, we’ll pay the costs of installing a new one.
  • Lock replacement: Losing your keys is a hassle. Replacement coverage, which reimburses you up to $250 to replace your keys, key entry pad, or electronic entry device, helps make it a less expensive hassle.
  • Locked vehicle: Nothing makes a bad day worse than getting locked out of your car. If you find yourself on the outside looking in, we’ll reimburse you up to $100 to get those keys back in your hands where they belong.
  • Personal property: A great trip can turn into a nightmare if your car and/or its contents are stolen. We’ll pay you up to $500 to replace your missing stuff.
  • Rental car coverage: What’s worse than wrecking your own car? Wrecking someone else’s. We’ll extend collision and comprehensive coverages to any personal passenger car you or a family member rents. Additionally, rental agencies often charge customers for “loss of use” if they can’t rent the car out because it was damaged while you were using it. We'll pay up to $750 to cover those costs.
  • First-year total loss: If the worst happens and your new vehicle is declared a total loss within the first year of purchase — and it has fewer than 15,000 miles on it — we’ll replace it with a vehicle one model year newer of the same make, model, and covered equipment.

Farm Truck*

We know how indispensable your truck is. That’s why we offer a special rate classification for vehicles used for farming operations. We can even add your farm truck coverage to your personal auto policy — and fewer policies means less paperwork. You get the same great benefits that you do with your personal auto insurance policy, plus added coverages that include:

  • Pollution liability: If you have an accidental manure or chemical spill, you may be held liable for damage to air and/or water quality.
  • Cargo owned: If there is a covered loss of your nonhazardous farm commodities, grain, bagged seed, or livestock.
  • Motor truck cargo (non-owned cargo): If there is a covered loss to the farm commodities, grain, bagged seed, or livestock you are hauling for someone else.
  • Limited hauling for hire: Protection for the act of hauling grain, livestock, or nonhazardous agricultural commodities for someone else with your vehicle.
  • Large farm trucks, including semis.

Land Based Recreational Vehicle (RV)*

Fun in the sun — or snow! — is a big part of what makes life grand. And if you use a land-based recreational vehicle like an ATV or a snowmobile to enjoy the outdoors, we can help protect you if things take an unexpected turn. The policy covers bodily injury, property damage, run-ins with uninsured and underinsured motorists, and medical payments.

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Coverage you need

How do you know what coverage is right for you. Your agent can advise you based on your individual situation. But below, find general definitions of what types of auto insurance cover what.

What does comprehensive insurance coverage cover?

Comprehensive insurance coverage pays for damage to your car for covered losses in “other than collision” events such as fire, theft, explosion, glass claims, vandalism, or collision with an animal, minus your deductible.

What does collision insurance coverage cover?

Collision insurance coverage pays for damage to your car for covered losses when you collide with another car or object. It pays for repair costs regardless of fault, up to the value of your car at the time of loss, minus your deductible.

Liability car insurance

Pays monetary damages, such as medical expenses, to people injured in a covered accident for which you are found responsible or for damage to the property of others caused by you

Uninsured motorist coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you are injured in a covered accident by a driver without insurance or by a hit-and-run driver. You are also protected as a pedestrian.

Underinsured motorist coverage

Underinsured motorist coverage protects you if you are injured in a covered accident by a driver with insufficient insurance or by a hit-and-run driver. Like uninsured motorist coverage, you are also protected as a pedestrian.

What does medical payments insurance cover?

You and your passengers may have injuries resulting from an accident, regardless of who (or what) is at fault. Medical payment overage provides payment for the medical care of you and your passengers for those injuries resulting from the accident.

Health care costs continue to rise. Medical payments coverage can be a way for you to manage the financial impact a car accident can have on you and your household.

*Products underwritten by Grinnell Compass Inc. Described coverages and discounts apply only to Grinnell Compass Auto products. If you are looking for information about your Grinnell Select or Grinnell Mutual policy, please consult your Declarations pages or talk to your agent.