Auto Coverages

Auto Coverages

We go the distance.

You always hear about that new car smell. What about that new insurance feeling? It’s the peace of mind that comes from adding protection for all kinds of unexpected situations, from deer hits to icy roads. Whether you drive a zippy convertible, a sturdy pick up, or an RV, our goal is keep your ride anxiety-free. Our comprehensive plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. We tailor our coverages to fit your lifestyle, with added benefits that make all the difference. And with OnePolicy, you won’t have to juggle multiple policies when and if the journey gets a little bumpy.

Auto Plus

Driving isn’t all about the morning commute or picking up groceries. We know that sometimes adventure and the open road calls. Grinnell Mutual’s Auto Plus endorsement offers extra coverage to protect your journey.

  • Pet injury — The journey’s even more fun when Fido rides along, but if he’s injured or killed during an accident, we’ll pay up to $500 for veterinary fees or the adoption of a new pet.
  • Air bag reinstallation — If your airbag deploys without your vehicle being involved in an accident, we’ll pay the costs of installing a new one.
  • Lock replacement — There's no getting around the fact that losing your keys is a hassle. But with replacement coverage — which reimburses you up to $250 to replace your keys, key entry pad, or electronic entry device — we'll make sure it's not an expensive hassle.
  • Locked vehicle — Nothing makes a bad day worse than getting locked out of your car. If you find yourself on the outside looking in, we’ll reimburse you up to $100 to get those keys back in your hands where they belong.
  • Personal property — A great trip can turn into a nightmare if your car and/or its contents are stolen. We’ll pay you up to $500 to replace that missing luggage or cell phone.
  • Rental car loss of use — What’s worse than wrecking your own car? Wrecking someone else’s. We’ll extend collision coverages to any personal passenger car you or a family member rents. Additionally, we'll pay up to $750 for indirect loss of use for a rental vehicle.

As an additional benefit, we’ll replace your new vehicle with a vehicle one model year newer, or of the same make, model, and covered equipment if it’s a total loss within the first year of purchase and has fewer than 15,000 miles.  Whether you’re just traveling down the block or you’re off to parts unknown, trust that we’ll make the road less traveled a little less scary.

Farm Truck

We know how indispensable your truck is. It’s the workhorse you depend on. That’s why we offer a special rate classification for vehicles used for farming operations. We can even add your farm truck coverage to your personal auto policy — and fewer policies means less paperwork. You get the same great benefits that you do with your personal auto policy, plus these added coverages:

  • Paid-in-full discount
  • Pollution
  • Cargo, owned and non-owned
  • Limited hauling for hire
  • Large farm trucks, including semis
  • Motor truck filings available

Land Based Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Life isn’t all work and no play. We know that fun in the sun — or snow! — is a big part of what makes life grand. And if you have a land-based recreational vehicle (RV) to play with, we can help protect you if things take an unexpected turn. Your OnePolicy covers bodily injury, property damage, run-ins with uninsured and underinsured motorists, and ensuing medical payments.

Elite Driver

At Grinnell Mutual, we have a great deal of respect for the people who take driving seriously, which is why we reward your good driving record with our Elite Driver programs: Superior auto coverage and our best rates. You get all the great discounts and coverages Grinnell Mutual offers, plus a premium discount above and beyond our general auto policy.

Do You Qualify?

  • All principal drivers in your household have driving experience in the U.S.
  • All of your household members have no more than one minor moving violation in the past three years (maximum of two per household).
  • Your vehicles are primarily for personal use. (Farm and business vehicle coverages are also available.)


The open road offers a lot of possibilities, but so does the open water. If you’re someone who prefers your escapades on a lake or the ocean and you’ve got the boat or other cool water toy to take you there, we offer affordable, comprehensive coverage without having to purchase separate policies. Our One Deductible policy has it all covered, with off-season and good driver discount rates, plus coverages that include bodily injury and property damage liabilities.

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The described insurance coverages do not apply in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Please visit this page if you're looking for home, renters, and/or auto insurance in Pennsylvania.