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Grinnell Compass Auto insurance discounts

Go farther for less.*

Paid in full

It pays to be proactive. When you pay your personal auto or farm truck premium up front, you save money.


If you have your auto coverage with Grinnell Mutual and your home covered with one of our mutual members, we'll give you a break on your premiums. 

More auto insurance discounts

  • Advance quote
  • Anti-theft
  • Distant student
  • Driver improvement
  • Good student
  • Homeowner
  • Layup
  • Motorcycle safety course
  • Motor home limited use
  • Multi-unit
  • Passive restraint
  • Riding association membership
  • Timely payor

Auto insurance discount terms: What do they mean?

Every industry has “official” terms — like our discount names — and they can be confusing. 

These descriptions are general and could vary by state. Contact your Grinnell Mutual agent to find out if you qualify!

  • Advance quote: If you receive a complete quote (with score reports included) at least seven days before the coverage start date
  • Anti-theft: If you’ve installed qualifying devices to discourage thieves
  • Distant student: If a student on your policy lives more than 100 miles away and does not have a car with them
  • Driver improvement: If you have taken a qualifying defensive driving course
  • Good student: If a student on your auto policy maintains a B average or better, or is on the Dean’s List or Honor Roll, and is a full-time student younger than 25
  • Homeowner: If you own a home, even if it’s insured with someone else
  • Layup: If you store your land-based recreational vehicle for part of the year (discount amount is based on number of months per year the vehicle is stored)
  • Motorcycle safety course: If you complete a qualifying course
  • Motor home limited use: If drive your motorhome fewer than 5,000 miles in a year
  • Multi-policy: If you have both your home and auto covered with us (Thanks!)
  • Multi-unit: If you have both your auto and your (land-based) RV insured with us (Thanks again!)
  • Paid in full: If you pay your personal auto and/or farm truck’s annual premium up front
  • Passive restraint: If your car has qualifying automatic seatbelts (pre-1995 vehicles) or airbags. If it has airbags on both the driver and passenger sides, you get an extra discount
  • Riding association membership: If you belong to a qualifying motorcycle riding association
  • Timely payor: If you pay your premium on time. (Yep, it’s that simple!) Applied automatically when you buy a policy; removed after one late or returned payment on a six-month policy, or after two late or returned payments on a 12-month policy

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*Products underwritten by Grinnell Compass Inc. Described coverages and discounts apply only to Grinnell Compass Auto products. If you are looking for information about your Grinnell Select or Grinnell Mutual policy, please consult your Declarations pages or talk to your agent.

**In Pennsylvania only, homes insured by Grinnell Mutual or a Grinnell Mutual member qualify for the multi-line discount.