Greenfield tornado

Grinnell Mutual Foundation donates $150K to Greenfield

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, Greenfield, Iowa, was hit by a destructive tornado. The Grinnell Mutual community is heartbroken about the devastation and loss of life in Greenfield.

The company has historic ties to Greenfield, where Grinnell Mutual was founded in 1909 as the Iowa Farmers Mutual Insurance Association. J.E. Brooks of Adair County Mutual Insurance Association was one of three committee members that filed Grinnell Mutual’s original articles of incorporation.

The company thrived in Greenfield for 25 years under the leadership of Brooks, providing reinsurance to farm mutuals. In 1934, Brooks retired, and the company’s headquarters moved to Grinnell, Iowa, where it continues to operate as Grinnell Mutual.

Kenneth Stowell, long time secretary-manager of Adair County Mutual, is also linked to Grinnell Mutual. He served on the Grinnell Mutual Board of Directors from 1986 to 1995.

To honor our roots and support the community that gave us our start, the Grinnell Mutual Group Foundation will donate $150,000 to help the community recover. The Foundation was established as the company’s charitable arm and has been supporting communities across its writing territory since 1987.

To help with cleanup efforts, Grinnell Mutual is offering its employees eight hours of extra paid volunteer time off.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the community of Greenfield and everyone who lost family members, suffered injuries, or had property destroyed,” said Grinnell Mutual CEO Jeff Menary. “Grinnell Mutual is proud of our history, and Greenfield and Adair County Mutual have been a big part of that heritage.

“Now we hope to play a small part in Greenfield's recovery.”

If you’d like to help storm victims: