Minnesota moratorium emergency order

Moratorium request on non-pay cancellations: Minnesota

Minnesota issued Administrative Bulletin 2020-3 on June 22, 2020, titled Insurance Business Practices Following the Issuance of Executive Order 20-64, requesting insurance companies implement the following protective measures in response to the Peacetime Emergency occurring as the result of the killing of George Floyd.

Bulletin 2020-3 and its corresponding Emergency Executive Order 20-64 contain pertinent details as follows:

  1. This would include communities located within the following Minnesota counties:  Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington.
  2. The bulletin applies to all Commercial Property, Businessowners, Homeowners, Commercial Auto and Personal Auto lines of business.
  3. The moratorium applies to ALL  cancellations and nonrenewals issued on or after May 28, 2020, and remains in effect until August 27, 2020.
  4. The Bulletin also requests:
    • Expedited claims handling, advanced claim payments, and the fair treatment of all policyholders.
    • Insurers should not take into account whether commercial policyholders were able to make full premium payments during any portion of the period beginning with the issuance of the Minnesota Governors Executive Order 20-01 dated March 13, 2020, in the evaluation of claims stemming from riots or civil commotion, or vandalism.
    • Alternative calculations could include revenue from the same period in previous years or a similar calculation.
    • Insurers should err on the side of the policyholder in the application of exclusions.
    • Insurers should allow for reasonable proof of damage documentation including, but not limited to, video or photographs.
    • Insurer’s should work collaboratively with policyholders to allow for the replacement of structures and equipment with renewable, resilient, or sustainable technologies that may lower long-term risk following repair or rebuilding.
  5. Download the bulletin

    Download the executive order