Agribusiness insurance

Commercial agribusiness insurance

It’s no secret that farming operations are becoming more complex. They’re expanding in size, increasingly dependent on technology, and adding new streams of commercial revenue.

Grinnell Mutual embraces the changing agricultural landscape and our commercial agribusiness coverage is designed for farm operations that also include other types of commercial business exposures. 

For example, if you run a seed or feed dealership business on your farm, this coverage may be perfect for several types of agribusiness.

  • Full-service agricultural co-ops
  • Seed, feed, grain, and hay dealers
  • Feed and grain mills
  • Grain elevators
  • Chemical and fertilizer dealers

Agribusiness insurance for your needs

It can be tricky to get the right liability coverage. That’s why Grinnell Mutual offers specific optional coverages to protect your agribusiness from every angle.

Custom feeding liability: Provides third-party liability when you custom-feed livestock.

Limited confined livestock coverage due to failure of HVAC equipment: Covers loss of livestock due to suffocation, asphyxiation, hypothermia, or hyperthermia caused by unexpected failure of heating, cooling, or ventilation.

Broad contractual liability: Extends contractual liability coverage to incidental business operations.

Confined livestock care, custody, and control liability: Provides liability coverage for property damage to non-owned livestock while in your care, custody, or control.

Limited liability for farm premises and operations: Liability coverage designed for farming operations only. Ask your agent to make sure your farm property qualifies.

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Other agribusiness insurance coverages

Mix and match agribusiness coverages for the specific protection you need. Coverage can include:

  • Dwelling and other personal structures
  • Household personal property
  • Machinery, equipment, and implements
  • Commercial property
  • Farm buildings
  • Business personal property
  • Inland Marine

Grinnell Mutual also offers optional agribusiness insurance coverage options for:

  • Cab glass
  • Debris removal increased limit
  • Disruption of farming operations (income loss and expenses)
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Foreign object in machinery
  • Spoilage (perishable farm personal property)



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