Waived Deductible

We simplify your life.

From sun up to sun down, you’re on the go. Whether you’re driving the kids to soccer practice, planning a road trip, or considering buying a new home, you’ve things to do and places to be. Grinnell Mutual understands that worrying about your tomorrow shouldn’t be one of the things on your to-do list, which is why when the going gets tough, we keep things simple with One Deductible.

If you are in an auto accident with another Grinnell Mutual or affiliated mutual company policyholder, your auto deductible will be waived. The same holds true if you have Grinnell Mutual or affiliated mutual insurance on your home or farm and auto, and they are damaged during the same event.

We also waive your deductible if you’re in an accident with another vehicle or farm implement insured by us. One Deductible is our way of offering peace of mind and trust that when life gets complicated, we’ll help simplify it.

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The described insurance coverages do not apply in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Please visit this page if you're looking for home, renters, and/or auto insurance in Pennsylvania.