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Reinsurance resources, tailored to you

There’s more to a being a Grinnell Mutual member than a reinsurance contract. As your reinsurer we can be an extension of your company. We partner with you to provide products and services to help you succeed give your company a competitive advantage.

For starters, Grinnell Mutual members get significant perks. Our reinsurance products give you the flexibility to tailor a plan around your company’s needs, providing a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

  • Unlimited annual aggregate coverage
  • Unlimited catastrophe protection
  • Property per risk coverage
  • Specialized quota share programs
  • Facultative reinsurance
  • Excess reinsurance
  • Proportional treaty programs

Services beyond reinsurance

As an extension of your company, we partner with you to provide the best solutions for your operations. (Not all services are available in all states.)

Claims services Special investigations Underwriting

  • Policy form and endorsement development for home and farm
  • Financial analytics
  • Mapping services
  • Subrogation services
  • Lightning verification service
  • Dwelling and building cost estimators
  • Loss prevention services
  • Contingency programs
  • Strategic planning

Special investigations

Our Special Investigations team has earned an outstanding reputation for professionalism in fire, explosion, and fraud investigations. These services are offered to Grinnell Mutual members at no extra charge.

Fraud and Arson Reward program

Insurance fraud is one of the largest economic crimes in the United States. Inflated prices, staged accidents, arson, and other fraudulent claims devastate local businesses, raise prices on consumer goods, and are dangerous.

Grinnell Mutual helps stop fraud on the front lines by offering up to $10,000 to anyone who provides timely and credible information about a fraudulent or criminal loss.

Learn about insurance fraud Report fraud and arson

Claims assistance

We are a company founded by farm mutuals for farm mutuals. As an extension of your company, we partner with you to provide the best solutions for your operations. (Not all claims services are available in all states.)

Catastrophe adjuster (CAT) teams

Our CAT teams can provide you on-site claims adjustment services after destructive weather events.

Mutual claims services

From policy interpretation to disaster recovery, you have access to our claims experts, catastrophe assistance, and a 24-hour claims reporting service.

Reinsurance Adjusting Program (RAP)

When disaster strikes, you need a trusted professional to help you sort through the unexpected and pick up the pieces. The Reinsurance Adjusting Program removes the burden of finding full-time adjusters for your mutual insurance company.

Responsive recoveries

Your reinsurance recoveries are distributed quickly — usually the next business day — so you can indemnify your policyholders promptly and optimize your company’s cash flow.

Underwriting assistance

Our focus on personal relationships runs through everything we do. We take the time to understand your company, its values, and its operations, so that together we can find the best solutions to move your company forward.

When you call Grinnell Mutual, your friendly, familiar contacts will be there, ready to help with:

  • Policy form development for home and farm
  • Endorsement development for home and farm
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Large farm programs
  • Auto insurance*
  • Commercial insurance*
  • Liability insurance*

*Not all underwriting services are available in all states.

Training and development

With state-of-the-art training facilities at our home office in Grinnell, Iowa, we provide opportunities for mutual managers, staff, and directors to attend training sessions specific to underwriting, claims, and mutual management.

Identity theft protection

Identity theft may be the fastest growing crime in America, but you can have peace of mind knowing that if it happens, you won’t be alone. We’ve partnered with CyberScout™ to protect against it — at no additional cost to you or your policyholders.

Learn more about CyberScout

Marketing services

Grinnell Mutual’s Marketing and Customer Experience team is a trusted partner in marketing your farm mutual. Our staff can help improve your “curb appeal” with customized company brochures and merchandise. Our Digital Coach can help you get more visible online. Plus, you’ll have access to our advertising kits and co-op advertising.

Accounting and tax services

No matter what your business is, your bottom line matters. Grinnell Mutual’s Accounting and Tax Services team works exclusively with insurance professionals to provide seamless and accurate accounting services**, including:

  • statutory insurance reporting
  • tax preparation and planning
  • investment accounting
  • investment compliance monitoring
  • payroll processing and reporting

**Not all services are available in all states.

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