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Grinnell Re Mutual Claims Services frees up time

Relationships define Grinnell Re, and perhaps nothing illustrates that more than Mutual Claims Services.

Grinnell Mutual members who use the service have access to claims experts, catastrophe assistance, and 24-hour claims reporting service. More than 160 of our reinsured mutual members — that’s over 60 percent — use the program.

Karla Bauer, underwriter with Great Rivers Mutual in Goodhue, Minn., says the service has been invaluable.

“The value you get for the money and the time you save is well worth the cost,” she said. “Especially when claim volumes get heavy.”

Kevin Kies, assistant vice president for Grinnell Re, recognizes that there are many demands on mutual staff.

“Managers need to be proficient in so many areas when running their companies. They have to split their time between underwriting, pricing, marketing, investments, claims, and more. Mutual Claims Services is able to take claims out of the equation to free up more time for them to focus efforts on other areas.”

A great adjuster

Bauer credits her Grinnell Re claims adjuster, Ryan Nelson, with providing that value.

“He’s so efficient, patient, thorough, and good with customers,” said Bauer. “If you had to receive bad news, you’d want to receive it from Ryan.”

She recalls a recent incident when a policyholder called to report a claim on a Friday around 5 p.m. “Before I could even contact her, Ryan had already called. It was only about a 15-minute timeframe!”

Nelson says that sort of timeliness is essential. “As adjusters, we know that claims can come at any time, and if it’s busy, they can keep coming. It’s important to jump on new claims right away so we don’t get behind.”

A two-way street

Nelson says working with Bauer is a pleasure. “Karla has a great sense of humor and always makes handling a claim for her mutual interesting.”

Nelson also appreciates the focus Bauer puts on preventing losses before they happen. “She and her agents encourage insureds to take a proactive approach in reducing losses.”

Bauer sums up her partnership with Nelson with a wink and a smile. “If I ever lose Ryan, I quit!”

And, she says, she’s only half-joking.

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