Rising rates

Understanding rising insurance rates

Insurance rates have been rising over the last two years and we know that can be frustrating and confusing. After all, everyone at Grinnell Mutual is a policyholder, too. And it’s been an especially stressful, changeable, and uncertain few years for consumers and businesses alike.

There are many factors that affect overall rates, whether or not you’ve personally had a claim.

One of the main forces now — growing over the last handful of years and expected to continue into the future — is climate change. Climate change is leading to more — and more severe — weather events across the world.

More severe weather events have a domino effect. More tornadoes, derechos, hail, floods, and forest fires mean more property damage, which means more insurance claims overall. Which has meant, for most property-casualty insurers, more money being paid out than was collected in premiums.

This, in turn, requires insurers to dip into their “surplus,” a fund that regulators require insurers to keep at a minimum amount. In order to maintain that minimum amount, insurers must cut expenses and raise rates.

noaa graphic of weather events

Source: NOAA

If you'd like more explanation about why your auto, home, and/or commercial insurance rates are going up, take a look at our simple, one-page explainer. Just interested in learning about auto rates? We have a resource for that, too.


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