Multi-family residential

Protect your property

You spend a lot of time keeping your property well-maintained, not only to preserve your buildings but to grow your investment. Grinnell Mutual insurance can help. Coverage is available for apartments, residential condos, and townhomes up to four stories.

These are just some of the coverages we offer. Find out more.


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Custom multi-family residential business insurance coverages*

  • Accrued Rental
  • Appurtenant Structures up to $50,000
  • Embezzlement by Other than Employee, $10,000
  • Employee Tools and Equipment, $10,000 with a $2,500 per employee limit
  • Sale and Disposal of Tenants’ Property Liability, $10,000
  • Spoilage, $10,000
  • Tenant Move Back Expense, $15,000
  • Tenant’s Property Legal Liability, $10,000

Optional multi-family residential business insurance coverages

  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Limited Pollution Removal
  • Limited Resident Managers On-site Personal Liability
  • Loss or Damage to Tenants’ Autos
  • On-site Insured Personal Liability




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