Summer weather safety

Prepare for summer storms

Warm weather months can be a lot of fun, but they’re also prone to some crazy weather. Floods, hailtornadoes, lightning, and wildfires can pose serious risks to you and your home.



  • Have a plan. The National Weather Service suggests that families make a preparedness plan before bad weather strikes — know where to go in case of disaster and whom to call if damage or injury occurs. And know what to do during hailstorms and floods.
  • Stay alert. Tune in to your local weather reports on television or the radio for warnings of tornado watches, flash flooding, and other extreme weather forecasts. Consider investing in an NOAA Weather Radio, which broadcasts 24/7 and works even if you lose power.  
  • Batten down the hatches. Reinforce your windows with storm shutters and put lawn furniture, toys, bicycles, and tools in a basement, shed, or garage before the bad weather hits. If you live in a hail-prone area and are planning to replace your roof before storm season, consider using impact-resistant material.
  • Clean up. Dry brush and dead or dying trees make excellent kindling for wildfires. It’s a good idea to remove anything that could feed a fire to help discourage an uncontrolled blaze.
  • Be aware of your structure. If you work in a manufactured office or live in a mobile home, get out if there’s a tornado warning in your area. Even if the structure is tied down, it offers little to no protection from tornadoes. Have a pre-identified location to take cover in, preferably on the lowest floor of a nearby building or storm shelter.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car. Sometimes you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you get caught in a storm while driving, being prepared can help you weather the worst. Always keep a first aid kit, flashlight, water, blanket, and car repair tools in your car.
  • Get ready for (more) cleanup. Storms and lightning can dump debris and even cause additional damage such as broken windows or damaged roofs. Wear a mask, thick-soled shoes, gloves, and heavy-duty clothing while cleaning up.



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