Business Safety, Tips, Resources Archive

Business Safety, Tips, Resources Archive

Shop small (08/28/2023)
Think about shopping small on Small Business Saturday. Keeping your business in your neighborhood has benefits beyond making local merchants smile. Turns out your paycheck goes further — and benefits you — when you spend it closer to home.

Workplace safety (07/18/2023)
Here are a few things you should know about on-the-job risks and ways you can mitigate them.

The importance of leak sensors (12/16/2022)
Wireless (Wi-Fi) or cellular (device to device) sensor systems protect buildings and contents through remote monitoring, allowing quick action in the event of a leak.

business insurance terms explained (12/29/2021)
Want to better understand the insurance definitions, terms, and coverages for your business' insurance policy? We can help answer questions you may have about insurance terminology.

Doing business in a pandemic (10/26/2021)
As state governments respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and the heads of public facilities like houses of worship may to be aware of changing guidelines around doing business.

Stay Safe At Work (02/18/2021)
Working the graveyard shift at your convenience store? Laboring under the hot summer sun in a construction zone? We’ll help keep you safe and productive.

Cyber liability during tax season (03/09/2018)
A data breach is a form of identity theft that hurts a company’s bottom line. Any unusual requests to send funds or employee information should be confirmed through an alternate communication channel.

Black Friday shopping safety (09/25/2017)
A recent study showed that 31 percent of shoppers have been involved in or witnessed fights while shopping on Black Friday.

Commercial kitchen safety (09/18/2017)
Deep-fat fryers, griddles, range tops, and broilers put commercial kitchens right in the crosshairs for commercial kitchen fires.

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Response Insurance (03/15/2017)
The price is high when it comes to cyber fraud. Grinnell Mutual Cyber Liability and Data Breach response insurance can save your business and your reputation.