Auto Safety, Tips, Resources

Auto Safety, Tips, Resources

We are committed to your safety on the road. Get connected to our best auto tips and resources, from safe winter driving to Grinnell Mutual’s Mile Marker Auto Loyalty program. Making the commute has never been easier or more reliable.

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Coverage when keys are left in vehicle (09/11/2020)
Leaving your keys in your vehicle keeping spare set of keys in your vehicle, coverage still applies, I left my keys in my vehicle, does coverage still apply?

Avoid the deer in your headlights (07/31/2020)
During deer season, you’re twice as likely to hit a deer while driving. Avoid a deer-vehicle collision with these tips.

Car insurance terms explained (07/30/2020)
Your car insurance policy is full of insurance terms, coverage types, and insurance discounts. What do they mean? We can translate your auto insurance policy in plain language.

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