A message from the President

We've more than risen to the challenge

Jeff MenaryThese past three months have posed extraordinary challenges for our country, our industry, and Grinnell Mutual. I can say with certainty that Grinnell Mutual has met those challenges head on and succeeded. 

At the senior leadership level, we began COVID-19 business continuity discussions on Feb. 14, and on March 16–17, we transitioned our office staff from all three of our locations to working from their homes. 

It is in the fabric of our culture to look out for each other and moving to working from home protects our employees, their families, and our communities — and it allows us to continue to provide outstanding service to our customers. 

But, the move would not have been successful if it were not for our talented and dedicated staff. Our employees did an exceptional job as we transitioned 691 people to work-from-home status in just two days. 

All the thoughtful preparation (and some long days and nights by our IT and Office Services teams) made the process nearly seamless. It was truly remarkable to see the execution. We demonstrated that, as a company, we have the initiative, creativity, and resolve to deal with a very difficult situation. 

This team effort has been truly exceptional and focused on two very important goals: protecting each other and serving our customers. We are doing things differently, but our service standards have not declined. 

When COVID-19 is in our rear-view mirror, we will review our disaster recovery program and fine-tune it for future events. We will also evaluate our performance and take advantage of the things we have learned, applying positive changes to better serve our customers. 

It is too early to tell what those changes will be, but I know that we must continue to evolve and change if we expect to maintain and grow our customer base. 

This has been a real test of who Grinnell Mutual is and what we’re made of, one that we’ve passed with flying colors and that I am very proud of. 


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