How do you insure a farmer? Just ask.

Farmers can be understated — especially when it comes to their farms and what’s happening on them. So how can the savvy insurance agent get a farmer to answer the questions that will adequately protect the exposures on the farmstead?

Mark Wolterman, agent at Complete Insurance, has used some unorthodox methods over the years. He knows that the best way to get answers about a farm operation — its risks and exposures — is to ask lots of questions.

“There are never enough questions,” said Wolterman. “My job is to dissect the farm until I know that farm operation better than he does so we can protect him.”

Keep the questions coming

Here are some tips Wolterman shared with us:

  • Use the application. “Right off the bat, I go to the application. That’s step one and the basis for all the questions so I can get an accurate quote and explain what the purpose of the quote is,” said Wolterman.
  • Be tenacious. A current customer referred a large farm lead to Wolterman. This lead was a farmer who was dissatisfied with his previous carrier who raised his deductible without talking to him first. The process took six months of questions, conversations, and quotes but they earned his business.
  • Be flexible. The Farm-Guard® policy has made it easier for Wolterman to close sales with his farm customers. “Farm-Guard can insure them for tomorrow, however they want to grow. That’s a big selling point,” said Wolterman. “It’s one baseline farm liability policy. If a farmer wants to grow, the policy can grow with him and there are special endorsements we can add to keep up with a changing farm business.”

Wolterman would have shared more tips with us, but he had just gotten an email from a customer about getting a Farm-Guard policy for his farm.

“I need to start asking him questions. It may drive him nuts but he’ll know he’s protected.”