Morgan Edwards

Insurance relationships span generations

There are 2 million people working in insurance and many of them have made that career their life’s work. But Morgan Edwards of Hugh F. Miller Insurance in Rock Falls, Ill., has taken that to a different level.

“I’ve been there basically my whole life,” Edwards said. Indeed, some of it while still in utero.

She’s part of the third generation working for the agency started by her grandfather in 1985. Edwards’ mom started working the books for the agency while pregnant with her older brother in 1987.

Now, in her fourth year as a full-time employee, she performs a variety of roles for the agency — sales, customer service, administrative assistant, accounting, and trainer.

“Hopefully one day one of my kids will want to do the same thing.”

Generational relationships rooted in trust

Edwards now serves the same customers that her mom and grandfather served, and having those long-standing relationships makes it that much easier to keep connected to the next generation.

“There are some customers whose grandparents we’ve worked with and now they’re coming in. They get the family thing,” said Edwards. “They understand working with a longtime company is important because they are going through generations, too. It helps having a good customer base that trusts your agency and everyone working there.”

Trust pays dividends for customers

The relationship between Hugh F. Miller Insurance and Grinnell Mutual has existed nearly as long as the agency. That makes it easier for Edwards to make the sale with her customers.

“The more we trust the company, the more the customer knows that we’re doing the right thing,” said Edwards. “The trust is huge. If a customer can walk in and see that we’re completely lit up about this company and love this company they will go with that over another company.”