Melissa Feisel

A Welcome Transition

We’ve heard often that 2020 was “unprecedented.” And while it has been hard for so many, Melissa Feisel has never been prouder to work for Grinnell Mutual, which has supported its employees so well through the challenging times.

Before coming to work at Grinnell Mutual, Melissa worked at a newspaper for eight years, starting out as a customer service representative. She worked the early morning shift, taking calls about missing newspapers.

As she gained experience, Feisel was tapped to coordinate large customer loyalty events, served as the editor for wedding and anniversary announcements, and wrote obituaries for a short time before becoming a marketing coordinator. “I learned that all my experiences, easy or difficult, have been very valuable to me today.”

When Feisel and her husband, Landon, decided to move closer to family, she started looking for job opportunities and a family member suggested Grinnell Mutual. Soon after, she accepted a job with Grinnell Mutual as a Human Resources coordinator in 2013.

“I had never been in an HR role so I appreciate Grinnell Mutual taking a chance on me,” Feisel said. “I was nervous starting at first but I’ve learned so much, had so many opportunities, and worked on projects that I never imagined I would have been involved with. Every day is an adventure!”

A year into her role, Feisel took advantage of Grinnell Mutual’s tuition reimbursement benefit and finished her bachelor’s degree in 2016.

Finding balance

Feisel and her husband have three children, Lane (12), Wyatt (11), and Harper (6), so one of the things she appreciates most about Grinnell Mutual is its commitment to a great work-life balance. And to fun. Feisel has been a part of a bowling team with other Grinnell Mutual employees for several years. “It’s fun getting the chance to connect with co-workers outside of work,” she said.

“The whole pandemic and working from home has been eye-opening for me. I’m a full-time mom with three children and working a full-time job,” Feisel said. “There are times during video meetings that I’ve had to strong-arm a child away from the camera or mute the call to remind the kids to keep it down. It has definitely given me a greater appreciation for what other employees are going though, because I get to experience it right alongside them. I always have funny stories to share with my co-workers.”

Before the pandemic put many activities on hold, Feisel could be found cheering on her children at their various sports and events. Feisel helped coach Lane’s basketball team, and Wyatt was involved in archery and 4H, and Harper in dance.

Not everything about the pandemic has been bad. While working from home, Feisel has been able to spend more time with her children and to take on some new responsibilities.

“We just adopted Max, a 170-pound Mastiff in January — and we have two other dogs, so it’s been fun getting to know the new addition to the family!”

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