Mark Bartsh Greenwood Agency

Saddling Success

Greenwood Agency is nestled in the heart of Minnesota's agricultural landscape. Mark Bartsh and his wife Missy, the agency’s manager, have been committed to Greenwood Agency for two decades. Missy has been an agent there for 20 years and Mark has been there 17.

Mark Bartsh's journey took an unexpected turn when downsizing at his previous job as an agent prompted him to seek new horizons. That brought him to Greenwood when they were looking for a new agent. With his licenses and expertise, Bartsh said “I literally took my desk from my old job and wheeled down the street into its new home.”

Finding a Balance

Having a work-life balance is important for Bartshes. The couple navigates the professional realm with a mutual understanding about separating their roles in the office from their life at home. “We work straight across the hall from each other.” Mark said. “Some days we drive together and some days we don’t. Some days we talk a lot in the office, and sometimes we don’t. She’s my boss and runs the office and keeps everything place, but when we get home, we try to keep the work talk minimal to none.” Finding this balance is important not only for their relationship but is important for their lasting success with Greenwood.

Outside of work, Mark Bartsh and his family travel the Midwest going to draft horse shows and parades every year. He first got involved four years ago to help out his two sons, Eric, 32, and Ryan, 28, who own the Percheron horses. However, the extended family got into horses earlier. Bartsh’s father always had horses on their farm. “Ever since Ryan could walk, he said ‘Someday, I’m going to have my own team,’ so at the age of 22 he purchased two horses and has been adding ever since.” He’s up to nine animals.

Now with a whole team of horses, the Bartshes compete for trophies, ribbons, and money every year. And it’s a family affair. Ryan, and his girlfriend Melanie, and Eric, and his wife Nicole, are having fun showing the horses; Missy and Mark’s two young granddaughters, Chloe, 7, and Brooklynn, 5, are now starting to drive horses.

Greenwood and Grinnell Mutual

Greenwood Agency thrives within a community deeply rooted in agriculture and farming. Their biggest focus is farming but they’re also big in the commercial side of insurance, too. Beyond conventional insurance services, the Greenwood team plays a pivotal role in supporting farmers amid the challenges posed by the rapidly changing climate. Recently, Mark said, to keep up with all the changes, “We have been rewriting and switching policies for our insureds.” His upbringing on a farm and ongoing ties to the farming community mean Mark is familiar with those customers’ needs and challenges. “I grew up on a farm, and my neighbors live on farms, too. While I don’t currently live on a farm, I have family that still does.”

When helping insureds, working with Grinnell Mutual is Greenwood’s top choice. “It takes a team to make it work, and that’s what so great about working with Grinnell Mutual. They have a lot of great underwriters and do really well with claims, and we trust their judgment,” Mark said. For him — and the agency, “It’s all about relationships, and we’d rather work with family than with another business.”

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