Lauren Obermann

Growing together with Grinnell Mutual

Partners help businesses grow and thrive. Grinnell Mutual’s success and growth is due in part to the strong relationships it has with its independent agency force. For Lauren Obermann, a second-generation agent with Obermann Insurance, the feeling is mutual.

“Grinnell Mutual helped us as an agency to be competitive for our customers,” said Obermann. “They’re a regional company and that’s a perfect fit for our business. They are the number one company we work with.”

Consistent service

Obermann grew up in her family’s agency, meeting marketing reps and attending industry meetings. After college, she worked at another agency to get experience until her parents were ready for her to join the family’s agency.

When they brought her on full-time in 2016, she knew that the agency would need to grow. Together, they’ve learned to communicate with each other to provide the same standard of service.

“We’ve made it so we all know what’s going on so a customer can talk to someone else,” said Obermann. That standard extends to Grinnell Mutual.

“Our agency is just like Grinnell Mutual — we are service oriented. We care about the customers,” said Obermann. “When a customer comes to me, if I have to turn it over to Grinnell Mutual, the customer will get the same results as they would working directly with us.”

A carrier that’s like family

Obermann finds comfort in knowing that Grinnell Mutual will treat her agency’s customers the way she would.

“That’s why we continue to place business with Grinnell Mutual,” said Obermann. “Grinnell Mutual fits our family agency well. It’s kind of like a family, too. We are familiar with people there. It’s not so small that you know everybody, but it’s also not so big that when you call you get someone different each time.”

That consistency in service with a partner that feels like family helps Obermann feel confident about her company’s future.

“Grinnell Mutual is doing a good job with what’s happening in the industry. And we’re growing. I think we’re going to continue to be successful.”