Jennifer Buser

A smile on her lips, a song in her heart

For Jennifer Buser, working at Grinnell Mutual means more than just working well with others. It means building relationships, fostering a positive culture, and encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones. As a personal lines underwriter at Grinnell Mutual, Buser has made it her mission to create a workplace where people can thrive and grow, both professionally and personally.

Buser’s journey to personal lines underwriting began working for a State Farm agency in Pella, Iowa, where she gained valuable experience working with insureds. After eight years at the agency job, she found herself craving a change and wanting to dive deeper into policy language. She decided to apply at Grinnell Mutual after hearing from friends who worked there how great the culture and  benefits were.  


As an underwriter, Buser sees herself as the “gatekeeper, editor, and auditor for the business.” She takes pride in digging into the whole story and making sure policies look good so that Grinnell Mutual can grow its profitable business. However, she doesn’t just focus on the work; she describes herself as an “open book” and loves to get to know people and their stories. Whether she’s in the hall or at lunch, she’s not afraid to strike up a conversation and build relationships.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Buser found herself working from home like so many others. Since she is such a social person, the fact that she was unable to see people she worked with daily hit her hard.  

However, when Grinnell Mutual started bringing people back to the office after a year, she was one of the first to come back full-time. Although she was the only one of her team back in the office, she did find other people who were also in the office throughout the company.  

Buser’s passion for building connections extends beyond the workplace. She loves getting to know people and making them laugh. In her personal time, she loves to hang out with her family and friends (and of course her cat, Xena Warrior Princess). She’s also a big fan of karaoke and music, and she’s always up for a game of Song Association. 


For Buser, being a team player means being there for one another through professional and personal challenges. She is especially passionate about encouraging others to take an active role in helping to build community. “We are better together. Face-to-face interaction is the best way to connect and realize our full potential.”

Whether at work or in their personal lives, Buser believes the key to success is happiness — both personal and professional — and being intentional about connecting with others in meaningful ways.  

And maybe doing a couple of rounds of karaoke along the way.