Jeff Menary president’s message customer expectations

let's make things simple for our customers

A portrait of CEO, Jeff Menary

We live in an Amazon-style sales and service environment. Consumers want and expect to be able to comparison shop, select their product, pay for it (all online), and have next-day delivery.

This model drives the commoditization of products with very few differences, which creates an environment where buying decisions are primarily focused on price. It’s not difficult to imagine insurance products being purchased through a similar model. Already there are apps that offer comparison shopping for auto and home insurance and then direct you to your product choice (likely the least expensive).

In order to compete in this environment, insurance products must be similar — commoditized. Some experts predict that this model could create the demise of insurers who primarily market their products through independent agencies and also endanger independent agents themselves.

Is that the future of our industry or can we develop new ways and new value propositions for our consumers?

What if Grinnell Mutual was able to simplify the process, taking the confusion out of selection and purchasing for consumers? This would meet current and future consumers’ expectations. Not only could a soon-to-be policyholder could go online and have most of their insurance questions answered, the majority of underwriting questions would also be addressed with online data resources, not from an application.

Which means that agents and their carriers could focus on account rounding, risk management, and other personalized services, giving the consumer the best of both worlds — immediate online service and customized service from their independent agent and insurer that adds real value.