Hugh Miller Insurance rebrand

Rebranding a family insurance agency

A business’ brand is more than a logo and a tagline. It identifies who it is and what it represents. It frames the story that the business lives every day with its customers.

Hugh F. Miller Insurance in Rock Falls, Ill. is a third-generation family business. Their brand is family and relationship, but they had used the same logo for 32 years.

“It was getting outdated,” said Morgan Edwards, a salesperson with the agency. “We needed to change it up a bit.”

Rebranding reflects who you are

Updating the brand created fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

“It was nerve-wracking in the beginning,” said Edwards. “What if people don’t know who we are after we rebrand? What if it changes people’s way of looking at us? We just didn’t know how people would respond to it.”

Edwards, employees, and the agency owners were afraid that customers would think that if they changed the agency name, they were not the same people anymore. But they faced their fears and got to work. They discussed their agency brand and what the business meant to them — and their customers.

Here, family matters

In the end, they kept the agency name and colors the same. Reghan Edwards — designer and social media manager for the agency and Morgan’s sister — created a multichannel marketing strategy around their new tagline, “Here family matters,” as part of the launch of the new brand in September 2017. She also designed the new logo and website.

The company invested in new merchandise and installed a new digital sign in front of their office in Rock Falls. On Facebook, they added the new logo and shared photos and video of the sign installation and a ribbon cutting ceremony. Their website includes pictures and bios for its 14 employees.

The new brand resonated with customers — many of whom are also in their third generation with the agency.

“Our clients have responded so positively. It’s amazing how many people see the connection between our name and the tagline,” said Edwards. “‘Here Family Matters’ and Hugh F. Miller have the same initials — that was very intentional — but it has had such a positive feedback from the community. It is such a great testament to the hard work we put in to this rebrand.