Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

Easter eggThe Easter Bunny has visited Grinnell Mutual each spring since 1992. And Grinnell Mutual celebrates her arrival with an Easter egg hunt for employees and their families.

Because of the the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to break the news to the Easter Bunny that we couldn't host her.

But we did ask if she could come up with another way to visit us while still respecting social distancing guidelines. 

The Easter Bunny rose to the challenge! She hid 12 Easter eggs on our website. One is on this page. Can you find the other 11? (And it's totally OK to ask a grownup to help!)

And, we figured there were plenty of other bunnies who don't work at Grinnell Mutual who'd like to play, too. So this year, anyone can participate!

Join the Easter egg hunt

Good luck!

  1. The president of Grinnell Mutual is the head bunny of our Senior Leadership Team.
  2. One of our core values is to act with int-egg-rity.
  3. Three things bunnies love: farms, kids, and farm safety.
  4. Restaurants have this special kind of fire extinguisher in their kitchens to prevent losses.
  5. Check here for frequently asked questions about making claims on your insured eggs.
  6. Insurance bunnies return to this page regularly for reinsurance resources.
  7. A visit from the Easter Bunny is one of dozens of benefits and perks for employees.
  8. Grinnell Mutual employees love to volunteer in their communities.
  9. Safety-minded bunnies protect their homes by having one of these detectors on every floor.
  10. Some people think this is for a rainy day, but savvy insurance bunnies know it's really a policy.
  11. It's always the best news, when Grinnell Mutual receives a rating of 'A' for 'Eggs-cellent.'


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