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Veterans value teamwork

Military service changes the people who choose to serve. For Pfc. Becky Smothers, her years in the U.S. Army not only exposed her to a world beyond her small-town Iowa roots, it set her on a meaningful career path with Grinnell Mutual.

Smothers, now a senior investigator with Grinnell Mutual’s Special Investigations, enlisted in 1982. She was deployed overseas to Germany as a combat tactical communications operator at a time when there was still an East and West Germany. She had a top-secret classification and decrypted communications for officers.

In 1997, Smothers brought her fast typing skills to Grinnell Mutual, joining Special Investigations as a secretary. She worked with her team to grow her skills and advance her career.

“The company allowed me to grow as an individual,” said Smothers. “I saw what the investigators did and they told me the steps I had to take to make this my career path. I became a volunteer firefighter and an EMT and whenever an opening came, I applied. By then I had the qualifications I needed to get the job. It’s been a wonderful career since then, getting to do the things I love to do.”

Teamwork rooted in trust

Smothers sees parallels between the teamwork in the Army and the teamwork at Grinnell Mutual. For her, it’s rooted in the trust that everyone will work together to get the job done.

A strong work ethic carries over from the military to Grinnell Mutual,” said Smothers. “In our unit, it’s no man left behind. We all work together for the end goal — to find the truth.

“And military or Grinnell Mutual — you have to trust who you work with,” said Smothers. “That’s my reputation on the line. We are a tight-knit team with specialized work.”

An employer that supports veterans

Veterans bring unique skill sets to the workforce. Smothers has found that Grinnell Mutual respects those skill sets.

“I like the fact that they recognize the technical expertise veterans bring,” said Smothers. “Any military veteran has specialized training and Grinnell Mutual puts that expertise to work. They know that each veteran has had leadership training. They allow you to build on that and work your way up.”

Grinnell Mutual also recognizes veterans, reservists, and active-duty military by giving Veterans Day as a paid holiday. Nelson appreciates the gesture.

“I think is important to recognize the men and women who give their time to serve our country.”

Jeff Vogts, vice president of Talent Development agrees. "Our veterans’ sacrifices make it possible for all of us to enjoy the freedoms we have and we can’t take that for granted. Giving military members the day to spend with their family and friends is just a small way to show our appreciation.”

Are you a veteran — or know someone who is — who wants to put your values of teamwork and service to work? Learn about a career at Grinnell Mutual.

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