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Q&A with Arlington Mutual

Arlington Fire Mutual Insurance Company of Arlington, Wis. became a Grinnell Mutual member earlier this year. During their visit to our home office, Teri Krysa, manager, rang the Grinnell Bell and sat down to share why her company values its partnership with Grinnell Mutual.

Tell me a little bit about why Arlington Mutual chose to be a Grinnell mutual member.

Our company has gone through a number of changes in recent years. Grinnell Mutual will help us grow and remain profitable.

There's an ease of doing business with Grinnell Mutual because there's a partnership. From the very first person that reached out to me, I got a super comfortable feeling. Grinnell Mutual is really no nonsense. We get answers to questions quickly, and you have so many resources for us.

Is there one product or service from Grinnell Mutual that stands out for you?

An underwriting manual. You know your farm insurance and your farm insurance forms!

I can tell that Grinnell Mutual has been through it all. I get the sense that you are constantly looking for what you can do next to help a mutual succeed. Grinnell continually looks for how they can help us make ourselves better. I felt that immediately in the staff. I just feel like you genuinely are going to help us achieve our goals into the future.

What is the vision you have for Arlington Mutual?

Evolving into a mutual that can sustain itself.

We can’t continue to do things the way we always did. Our older customers are passing down their farms and homes to their children. If their children don't want them, they sell them — and we lose out on that good business. We’ve got to play to our new audience and show how we are what millennials are looking for.

Is there any relationship in particular that stands out to you?

Dan Peeters is my Regional Marketing Manager. He has been just great. He has a good understanding of everything that I need to do as manager, and he is johnny-on-the-spot, getting me the information. And Val Kaiser, the Reinsurance Underwriting Manager — she just seems to really get things. I feel like the Grinnell people that I've dealt with deliver information in a way that I can understand. They don't give you the information in a condescending manner or make you feel stupid for asking a question.

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