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What is a sales manager, anyway?

Equipment Breakdown – Who needs it?

I am a Sales Manager for Grinnell Mutual in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2001. I immediately entered the insurance industry at an agency in Northern Illinois. In 2012 I made the transition to Grinnell Mutual and love my job. I have earned my Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation.

Outside of work I enjoy time with family and friends. I volunteer in our church and community in various capacities. This spring I will coach soccer for players 5-7 years old. Wish me luck!

What is a sales manager, anyway?

Beyond being a face on the frontlines and an advocate for Grinnell Mutual, we sales managers are a key link in the relationships we maintain within and outside our four walls. We rely on relationships with our coworkers, agents, mutuals, policyholders, and even our competition. In a sense, we’re relationship managers.

Our company’s relationships are based on sales. And sales comes down customer service. To me, customer service is simply this: Make a promise and keep it.

We sales managers deliver on the promise that our company cares about people and about relationships every day. We do that through customer service, product education, conflict mediation, milestone celebration, and — most importantly — open communication. A robust relationship requires quality time, and a good sales manager offers in-depth one-on-ones with their customers.

Each week we spend most of our time with our customers — agents, mutuals, and policyholders. We explain printed and online materials, gather market intelligence, troubleshoot, problem-solve, find new agents, train new agents, forecast sales, drive sales, discuss claims, review risks, and much more.

A successful sales manager depends on the excellent support provided by our coworkers in the home office and in the field. We sales managers depend on our coworkers to follow through on Grinnell Mutual’s promise of great customer service.

What is our promise? Grinnell Mutual recently introduced it to the world — Trust in Tomorrow.® By spending time with our customers, we reassure them that we will be right next to them when tomorrow comes.

Equipment Breakdown – Who needs it?

Grinnell Mutual and many of our affiliated Mutuals throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin offer Equipment Breakdown through Mutual Boiler Re to homeowners. Here’s how one couple came to appreciate Equipment Breakdown coverage.

The joy and agony of homeownership

This couple had moved into their first home roughly eight years ago. The house was a dream compared to their 750-square-foot apartment. With a growing family, it was time to get more space.

The newly-built, 1,300-square-foot home had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was their new castle. Friends that came to visit marveled at the new home. New carpet, new furnace, new water heater, central air.

But they noticed that one neighbor seemed to always have something breaking down in his home. First, his furnace shorted out. Next his water heater ruptured. Even his A/C seized up on him one summer.  They were alarmed that these still-new homes could have such significant issues. The couple figured he was cursed and they were immune. He just had bad luck. Right?

Everything changed when the couple started the daunting project of partially completing their basement this past fall. One night the couple awoke to a freezing house. They scoured YouTube, but couldn’t find a way to get the hot air moving again. The cause of the breakdown was an electrical issue with the fan motor and circuit board. $1,540 went from the basement project to the furnace repair.

“Okay,” they thought, “back to life as usual.” Three weeks later, the washing machine’s electrical motor seized. Again, the couple took to the internet. After several trips to the local appliance parts store and many hours of reassembly, the water heater was still useless. $800 later, they owned a new washing machine.

Equipment breakdown can help you in your time of need

Equipment Breakdown endorsements may cover many electrical breakdown, mechanical breakdown, and pressure system losses. (Rust, normal corrosion, deterioration, and age-related wear are normally excluded.)

 Equipment Breakdown is one coverage every homeowner should request. Contact your Grinnell agent today to add Equipment Breakdown to your homeowners policy. 

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