Co-op and internship program

Co-op and internship program

Vault top internshipWe believe education can change the world.

At Grinnell Mutual, we’re constantly evolving through teamwork, research, and development. That goes not only for our current employees, but our future ones, too.

That's why we offer paid co-op and intern positions to help college students move from the classroom to professional careers.

What is it like working at Grinnell Mutual?

At Grinnell Mutual co-op employees and interns take on exciting assignments and meaningful projects. They also enjoy fun days and events with other co-ops and their teams. They network with industry leaders, participate in mentorships, and make friends.

Meaningful work and meaningful connections — that’s what our trusted relationships are all about. It's one reason why our co-ops and interns rated us as a top program in Vault's Best Internships rankings.

Vault #2 ranked internship for financial services Vault #3 ranked internship for real-life experience Vault #4 ranked internship for career development Vault #4 ranked internship for quality of assignments

Grinnell Mutual's co-op program has also been recognized in the insurance industry. RISE Professionals, an association for young insurance professionals, named Grinnell Mutual's co-op program as an Elite 50 Internship.

RISE Elite 50 Internship

If you’re an undergraduate who’s completed your sophomore or junior year let’s connect. Don’t worry whether your major is “insurance-y” — we’re more interested in your passion for learning and willingness to explore your options.

Check us out — you could be part of our tomorrow.

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Co-op and internship program frequently asked questions

Check out the list of frequently asked questions that we get about our co-op and internship program.

What’s the difference between co-ops and interns?

Just the timing. Co-op positions usually run from January to August or May to December. Internships are usually during the summer months.

How do I manage work and school at the same time?

Our co-op positions are meant to be flexible. For example, some co-ops take a semester off from school and work full-time, while others work a few days days a week while still in school. Your hiring manager will help design a schedule that works for you and the department.

Does Grinnell Mutual pay co-ops and interns?

Of course! We know that we can learn as much from you as you can learn from us. We offer competitive pay for both co-op positions and internships.

Can I get school credit?

Yes, but it depends on your school's requirements. Talk to your advisor to see what will make you eligible for credit, and then we can work with you from there!

How do I apply?

Visit our career opportunities, click "co-op," click "apply for this job online," and follow the on-screen instructions.

I still have a question. Where do I go?

Brielle Beck, talent acquisition specialist, manages the co-op and intern program. You can email Brielle with your questions.

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