Have road, will travel

The open road — adventure, excitement, and fun — are just around the next bend. Travel should be sweet, not stressful. Get organized with these simple Grinnell Mutual checklists. And be sure to read through our tips and tricks before heading out. Whether you call it vacation, travel, or a holiday we’ve got you covered.

Car maintenance checklist

Before setting out on any road trip, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle into a mechanic. Schedule a checkup two weeks in advance to allow time for any repairs needed. If you are under-the-hood savvy, we have a checklist to help you DIY. Want to download the handy checklist below? Just click on it!

Traveling with the kiddos

Yup, they can get antsy. For a fun and safe trip with fewer tears, bruises, and nagging, we have a few tips to help make those hours in the car fun for everyone.

Pick the right kid bucket (and by that we mean car seats). Make sure it is the right fit, height and weight appropriate, and is properly installed. All car seats come with installation instructions that should be followed. If you have questions, often local police or fire stations can do spot checks. There is also lots of information online and at grinnellmutual.com.

Don’t forget the bottomless magic bag. They don’t need to know there’s actually a bottom. Include some surprises to bust out along the way: Snacks (think nutritious, non-perishable stuff like peanut butter, trail mix, and juice boxes), car games (remember “I spy”?), and audio books and movies (your local library is a great resource). We’ve also included this fun scavenger hunt to print and bring with.

Plan stops along the way. Let the kids get out, stretch, use the bathroom, and run off some of their pent-up energy. A stop every two hours or so can go a looooong way toward making the whole family’s trip more fun.

When Benji’s on board

If your furry friends are lucky enough to come along for the ride, make sure you think about making their road trip safe and comfy.

Keep ‘em contained. Dog seatbelt harnesses are a comfy way to let your pets have a little freedom while keeping them safe. A car crate is also a good option, but make sure it’s secured and can’t slide around.

Keep ‘em fed and watered. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water and kibble for your pet. And don’t forget the bowls (and maybe a treat or two for your four-legged kiddo).

Don’t leave Fifi in the car. Temperatures can soar above 100 degrees inside a vehicle in no time. According to the Humane Society, 72 degrees outside is over 100 degrees inside the car. So, where you go, your critter goes.

Road trip essentials

We’ve got some last minute gear addition ideas that could save the day!

Always have an emergency kit on hand. A definite must if doing any extended driving. Especially if you are in and out of cell reception. Build your own kit with our handy list.

Arm yourself with analog (gasp!) maps. Siri and Google can’t help if you can’t reach them, so go old-school and take along ye olde paper maps.

Perfect your packing. But what, oh what, will you need? Use our packing checklist to help remind you about all the stuff you should take along.

Auto insurance is key

The last piece to double check is your auto insurance policy. Call your Grinnell Mutual agent today to make sure you’re ready to hit the road! And most importantly, have a blast!


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