Care and Share

Employees Supporting Employees

For many people who work here at Grinnell Mutual, their coworkers are like a second family. And relationships are at the heart of everything the company does, both for agents and mutuals and for employees. That’s why there’s a new program dedicated to employees supporting employees during challenging times.


The Grinnell Mutual Care and Share fund provides short-term, immediate financial relief to employees who have suffered significant hardship due to a serious life disruption such as a natural disaster, family death, medical emergency, or other unforeseen event. Requests for funds and recipients of those funds remain anonymous, as do the names of committee members who make the awards.

President and CEO Jeff Menary believes that this program reflects how Grinnell Mutual employees always go the extra mile to help each other in times of need.

“The Care and Share Fund has amplified the impact that Grinnell Mutual and our employees can have,” he said. “The program is a perfect fit with our corporate culture and our caring atmosphere. It truly is the Grinnell Mutual Way of doing business.”

Funding for the Care and Share program is collected through employee payroll pledges, discretionary Grinnell Mutual matching funds, and donations received from others outside the company.


In June 2019, Grinnell Mutual set a goal of raising $25,000 in employee pledges to start the Care and Share fund. We met and exceeded that goal: To date, employees have pledged $52,307.60, bringing the total Care and Share fund to $104,615.20 with the corporate match.

Grinnell Mutual understands that life doesn’t always go as planned, and that a hand up during a tough time can make a difference. In fact, it already has.

Since the fund’s inception, it has provided $12,625.64 in grants, said Talent Development Vice President Jeff Vogts. “This program is already having a tremendous positive impact on employees’ lives.”