Insurance partnerships lead to trusted friendships

Insurance Partnerships lead to trusted friendships

Some people say you should never do business with friends. But what happens when friendship blossoms from your business relationships? It’s a key to success for Tracey Sherman, secretary-manager at Cass County Mutual Insurance in Casselton, N.D.

“The key is just being small enough to offer a personal approach to all of our policyholders,” said Sherman. “You can say, ‘Hey Joe, what’s going on today? We need to meet.’”

Building those relationships pays off when it comes to doing business together.

“Agents and policyholders can call us and ask, ‘How do we tackle this particular situation?’ We have our guidelines, but there are always things we can introduce for future circumstances,” said Sherman. “I think that personal relationship helps us connect and make those coverages better for them.”

From business partners to personal friends

The camaraderie Sherman has created with business partners has been truly beneficial to both her company and her customers.

“It’s that personalized touch that we can give them. They can just come into our office, sit down, and chat,” said Sherman. “Meeting up for coffee or dinner feels natural because they’ve become trusted friends.”

Sherman has found that her business partnership with Grinnell Mutual has also been valuable to her mutual and her customers.

“I love the relationship with Grinnell Mutual. They’re always, always available. You can call one person — if they don’t know the answer, they’ll direct you to the right person or they’ll say, ‘Hang on — I’ll find out and call you back.’”

Cass County Mutual uses Grinnell Mutual’s adjusting program and it’s served them well.

“It’s nothing but wonderful. Our adjuster is from North Dakota and he knows our ways,” said Sherman. “We know how to work as a team.”

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