Eric Wilcoxon

The power of personal relationships

Eric Wilcoxon has over 25 years of insurance experience as a producer and agency owner, but he’s still learning and improving. For Wilcoxon, that means finding partners as invested in personal relationships as he is.

“What Grinnell does for me is almost kind of odd in today’s insurance world. As large as they are, they still cultivate personal relationships,” said Wilcoxon, owner of Wilcoxon Insurance Agency in Van Buren, Mo. “They help you write the account and they realize you’re calling your underwriter because you know it’s a good piece of business to begin with.

“Because of the relationship that you build, they also want to see you succeed.”

Common sense is a bonus

Wilcoxon has come to understand that relationships are the foundation for success. Before starting his own agency in 2016, Wilcoxon had not fully tapped into the potential of working with Grinnell Mutual.

“With the new agency I have really been able to use what Grinnell has to offer, what their appetite is,” said Wilcoxon. “It’s been a good relationship.”

 “Not every account is cookie cutter, not every account is perfect and clean,” said Wilcoxon. “They have enough common sense in the underwriting department to take that into account.”

A personal touch

Grinnell Mutual’s staff makes Wilcoxon feel like a person, not a number.

“When I pick up the phone and call my underwriter Mark Eckerman, he knows who I am. He knows my voice,” said Wilcoxon. “There’s big value in that. I think it helps my insureds and I know it helps me.”

Continuing education — like the Commercial Lines Academy offered by Grinnell Mutual — has also helped Wilcoxon develop professionally so he can better serve his customers.

“I signed up for the academy just to get one-on-one time to get to know these people that I work with daily — to put a face to a name.

“But I have 25 years in the business and I still took something away from it. I learn something new in this business every single day.”